Flow Detection Transducer

Smart Sensor – FDT Flow Detection Transducer for CSO & SSO Event Duration Monitoring

The Flow Detection Transducer is a highly popular and low TOTEX device for monitoring CSO flows and spills from enclosed channels such as combined sewer overflows and storm drains.

ATEX Zone 2 Approved

ATEX Zone 2 Approved

The FDT employs an array of ultra-low power accelerometers to detect motion and thus it responds to actual flow and not level, something critical in CSO flow event duration monitoring [EDM] applications. FDTs have accumulated millions of hours of faithful service across the utility sector and during this time have demonstrated complete immunity from ragging, FOG, total submersion, plus the ability to tolerate some of the worst storms in history without damage or generating false alarms.

The FDT is supplied with a Head Unit that includes a sealed battery pack and wireless uplink that monitors and reports the status of the FDT. A delay counter function is also included that allows FDTs to be lifted to permit jetting or human access without recording an event.

Application Examples

  • CSO Spill Detection & EDM Reporting         – Weir and Overflow Operation
  • Storm Bypass Operation Alarm                     – Controlling Battery Powered CCTV

    The FDT CSO EDM Transducer

    The FDT CSO flow EDM Transducer

Features Include:

  • Simple to install without the need for confined space entry
  • Sealed to IP68 with 10-year battery life Head Unit
  • Bright red HDPE injected moulded sensor housing
  • ATEX certified for Zone 2 operation
  • Various wireless options for reporting at 2.5sec to 5-minute intervals. All comply with CE, EN300-220, R&TTE.
  • 50-150m broadcast radius from below a manhole cover
  • Wide Area Network Compatible with RDNET1000TM Booster/Repeaters extending range to > 5km
  • Status can be monitored via, handheld devices & Sentinel FM Software.
  • Low cost of ownership and low TOTEX
  • Suitable for CSOs up from 20cm to > 10m deep


Data Sheet:CSO & SSO Monitoring Flow Detection Transducer Ver 3.0

Application Note : CSO-Event Duration Monitoring Application Note AN03-01