Bird Box Housed Booster Repeater

Wide Area Covert Faux Booster Repeaters

The Faux Bird House Booster / Repeater has been developed to compliment our range of standard Wide Area Radio Telemetry Booster/ Repeaters to deliver messages from a variety of sensors and transducers deployed to protect the environment in visually sensitive areas such as those of special scientific interest (SSSI) or in the curtilage of listed properties.

Faux Bird House Booster Repeater for Blocked Sewer Monitoring

Faux Bird House Booster Repeater for Blocked Sewer or Pollution Monitoring

Retaining the key features of the standard battery powered booster, the “bird house booster” features spatial diversity (dual antenna) for enhance reception of the signals from buried assets under for example manhole covers. As with our standard Booster / Repeater the bird house booster is designed to repeat the messages typically every 5-minutes which is more than adequate for most applications such as water meter reading, blocked sewer monitoring or CSO overflow monitoring / alarms, etc.

Supplied Ready to Use:

The faux birdhouse Booster Repeaters is supplied 100% pre-configured and pre-tested read to go! Factory configurations  include up-link frequency “that is the frequency out of the hole emitted by the sensor such as a BDT Level Transducer” and back link frequency “frequency back to the base station”. Further the electronic serial number (ESN) of the sensors are also pre-configured.


The faux bird house Booster Repeaters can be supplied to operate on either licenced or licence free radio spectrum. Typically in a urban or industrial environment the communication radius can be anything from 500m to 5km depending upon the topology. The pickup radius from assets mounted below the manholes is typically 40m to 100m depending upon the mounting position and the type of cover.


Simple to install, simply mount the booster using stainless steel wood screws  available from our store, at a typical height of 4m above ground level and within typically 30-100m radius of the sensor.

Easy to Service:

Compared to replacing batteries of instruments located below streets that can involve costly traffic management, Booster Batteries are simple to replace in a matter of minutes and often require nothing more than a “cherry picker” or short ladder.

To Find out More:

We have a general data sheet concerning boosters that may be downloaded here :Wide Area Network Booster Repeaters Issue 2.0