Micro Power Flow Sensor the FDT

Smart Sensor – FDT Flow Detector Transducer – With Logic Flow/No-Flow Output

FDT Micro-Power, ATEX Compliant, Flow Detector Transducer for Open Channels, Sewers, Ducts and Weirs.

Industry proven with over 1-million hours of fault free service, the FDT is a unique ultra low power flow detection device capable of detecting and reporting the flow of liquids, gases, powders, particles and even people/animals in a wide variety of applications.

The award winning FDT is detects flow derived from motion and in any direction and produces simple to interface output as a simple CMOS/TTL logic FLOW/NO-FLOW binary output. The FDT also includes a Mission Critical tamper loop to warn if the cable becomes severed.

Available with an Telemetry / IoT interface or as a stand alone sensor for OEM applications the FDT can be found in service globally from Europe to the US.


  • Proven with > 1-million hours of service
  • Tough HDEP injection moulded enclosure
  • Simple to use Binary 1/0 logic Flow/N0-Flow 0utput
  • Tamper Loop
  • Operates in all directions
  • Works especially well in highly turbidity flows
  • Distinctive RED colour to help identification ducts, sewers and tunnels
  • IK08 impact resistant
  • IP68 Plus ingress protection to 6m (fully encapsulated)
  • Supplied with high quality industrial grade cable 12ft /4m as standard
  • Ultra Low Power < 3uA typical @ 3V, 9uW standby
  • Wide operating voltage span 2.8 to 12V nominal (ATEX is at <3.9V nominal)
  • Available with or without a ballast weight / anti-rag tube/s
  • ATEX Zone 2 as standard –  design assessed by 3rd party Notified Body
  • In-built event integrator to extend short events for ease of detection


  • Open Channel Flow Monitoring
  • Sewer High Level Flow Monitoring
  • CSO EDM (Event Duration Monitoring)
  • Duct and Service Tunnel Security
  • Fan Monitoring

ATEX Applications

The FDT has been independently assessed by a UK Notified Body to the ATEX Directive and can be supplied for Zone 2 operation as standard. Zone 1 and Zone 0 versions are also available but subject to a MOQ on production.

For OEMs we supply the necessary interface parameters for the FDT to achieve the desired level of compliance.

Sales & orders

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