Cess Pit, SuDS, Bund Water, Sump Controller and Alarm Module

Sump, Cess, SuDS, Bund Water Control and Alarm Module

35mm DIN rail mounted module for generating alarms for SuDS Chambers, Sumps, Cess Pits, Bunds and controlling beacons, sounders, pumps and telemetry.

This module provides a safe and cost effective means of monitoring the levels of water in sumps, SuDS chambers, cess pits and tank bunds using a single or dual float switches. The units can be supplied to operate from 12V or 24V dc or 24V ac.

35mm DIN Mounting Cess Pit, SUDS, Bund and Sump Alarm and Control Module


  • 35mm DIN rail mounting module
  • 160 x 80mm x 50mm (Above DIN rail)
  • Build Options 12V dc, 24V dc or 24V ac
  • Dual Low / High or High / High-High Output Controls
  • Fuse protected
  • 2 x Switched Outputs (Alarm, Beacon) NO/NC
  • Large capacity 0.2in 5.08mm pitch terminals
  • 8A 250v ac switching capacity per channel
  • Status LED per channel to reflect energised state of relay

There are two independent inputs and outputs which can be used as either a Low and High alarms of what is often termed as High and a High-High alarms / controls. Each input is provided with a separate loop which supports either a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts. On board control relays provide a switched supply derived from the input (voltage will match)  for the connection of a external beacon/sounder or telemetry. Again both a switched when circuit made and switched when broken circuits are provided. There is also an auxiliary output for each channel that provides an isolated changeover relay output rated at 8A 250v ac for the connection of an auxiliary load such as a small mains powered sump / bund pump.

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