Smart Trash Screen Monitoring with Image Verification

Smart Remote Camera Systems

RDN’s Smart Camera Systems are battery/solar operable and include the ability to be triggered by and event such as flooding, thereby delivering significant advantages over traditional time-laps camera systems.

Smart Trash Screen Monitoring Camera System - Event Driven Triggering and Smart Sensor Backup

Three BDT Smart Water Level Sensors in Tubes Providing the Camera Trigger

Smart sensor triggering using for example a one or several of our BDT water level sensors enables the likes of the rail industry to not only have a warning of a high level, but to also have an image to verify that the level of severity of the event too. In the case of rail this can eliminate the need to send a human watchman, saving resources, speeding up decision making process thereby improving safety, reducing delays and keeping the lines open.

Trash Screen Monitoring Camera -Smart Camera with automatic water level triggering

Trash Screen Monitoring – Smart Camera with automatic water level triggering

In operation the system produces typically a twice daily health message to prove that the system and camera is operable. Thereafter the system lies dormant waiting for an event. In a three level BDT system, the three BDT levle sensors are set such that the trigger points are at three levels often called Green, Yellow and Red, or Yellow, Red and Black, depending upon the industry. When for example Green is reached the image upload increases to hourly, at yellow to every 30-minutes and at the most critical red to every 15-minutes.

Trash screen monitoring on critical railway line

Smart Trash screen monitoring on critical railway line

Applications include:

  • Road & Rail Bridge Monitoring for Flooding
  • Culvert Monitoring
  • Trash Screen and Trash Net Monitoring
  • River and Flood Monitoring
  • Underpass Monitoring
  • Sluice Gate Monitoring
  • Flood Defence Monitoring
  • CSO Monitoring
  • Siphon Monitoring
  • Pollution Monitoring


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