The Challenge

A sewage pump transports waste material, such as human urine and feces, from a sewage basin to a septic tank or a sewer system. This pump is installed as low as possible on the bottom of the sewage basin. Different pumps are used for residential, municipal, and industrial applications. In residential applications, small submersible pumps are used that handle soft solids up to around 2 inches in diameter.

The difference between sump pumps and sewage pumps is the application and design. Sump pumps are used to get rid of unwanted water collected in basements. Sewage pumps in residential applications pump out fluids and liquids from bathrooms.

Our Solution

Our Sump & Sewer Level Float Switch has been designed to replace conventional cabled float switches in a variety of control and monitoring applications.

Featuring a fast transmission rate the unit can be used for real-time applications like pump control in wet wells and blocked sewer detection and in locations where other instruments cannot be fitted such as rising mains. Being ATEX and UKEx the unit is legal for installation in both the UK and Europe.

Being wireless and battery powered the unit can be installed in minutes slashing costs by eliminating the need to run cables and the need for IS barriers in systems.

 Key Features:

  • Easy to install and set from the surface without the need for confined space entry teams
  • Data can be read directly using a handheld, over a wide area network using one of our Network Booster/Repeaters or directly fed to a pump controller
  • Receivers are available that convert flow position into simple relay contacts.
  • Sealed for life to > IP68 with  up to 10-year of battery life
  • Includes sliding counterweight to assist in setting
  • UKEx, ATEX Certified to Zone 1 available to order (IECEx to follow).
  • Licence-exempt radio options for UK and EU operation.
  • Supplied with stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Available with up to 5m of cable
  • Transmitter head sealed to > IP68 @ 2m

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Sales & orders

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