Retrofit Filter Bed Monitoring System

Low Cost and Affordable – Smart Retrofit Filter Bed Monitoring System to Detect Loss of Rotation and/or High Level in Siphon Chambers

Designed to take to make retrofit easy, this system includes everything that you would require to keep your works compliant. The system utilises radio telemetry to deliver secure messages from each of the filter beds to the on-site works control however includes all the necessary timers to generate the alarms automatically in the event of loss of rotation or a high level in a siphon chamber.

Filter bed magnetic rotation sensor

The sensor are unique  solid state making them unlike reed switches virtually indestructible. However, unlike magnetic proximity switches than require mains power, these sensor are micro-power consuming just a few microamps permitting the whole system to be battery operated for up to 10-years.

Filter Bed Monitoring Transmitter


  • Low Power consumption up to 10-year battery life
  • Licenced, Secure and Proven Radio Telemetry
  • Regular 5-minmute fail safe health message
  • Automatic Signal Loss / Fault Alarm at Receiver
  • Sensor consume < 13uA in constant use
  • Sensor includes optional Test / Status LED
  • High in-built Testability
  • Test Mode for instillation with audible confirmation¬† bleeper
  • Option of Monitoring Siphon Operation
  • Integrated Count-Down Timer
  • Instant Transmit on Rotation Detection
  • Gateway Receiver to Service 1 – 32 Filter Beds and/or Siphons
  • No software or Timers required at PLC/Outstation