Radio Pump Controller

Remote Telemetry Pump Controller

Real-Time Radio Telemetry Pump Controller for Sewer Network Management

This pump controller can provide synchronisation between up to 4-pumping stations at distances of up to 10km apart. It can be used to broadcast and receive pump inhibit messages and/or to receive pump inhibit / high sewer levels from network transducers such as the Radio Data Networks BDT level transducer.

For ultimate reliability,  each pump controller is designed to operates autonomously. There is no Master and no Slave pump controller station. Each station has the ability to work 100% autonomously, meaning that of one station is off-line the others remain operable.

Further configuration is easy, there is no software or programming required. Data is driven and simply mapped by the input and output card’s electronic serial numbers.


  • 4 x Card Slots for Digital Inputs
  • 4 x Card Slots for Relay Output or BDT Output Cards
  • Mains Power Supply
  • Integrated float battery charger
  • Battery Backup
  • N-Type Antenna Port
  • Tough IP66 Die Cast Enclosure
  • Mechanical protection to IK08
  • Measures 360mm x 160mm x 90mm (Excluding Glands)
  • Transmit Time Controller from 10-seconds to 5-minutes
  • Mains, TXD and RXD Status LEDs

Pump Inhibit Schemes

Pump inhibit schemes can be created to optimise the flow in sewer networks in order to prevent sewer flooding and to maximise capacity. In the simplest configuration, a single Pump Controller can be used in conjunction with server strategically placed BDT level sensors in the network to provide a high level inhibit signal.

The inhibit signal is normally connected into the pump controller/pump drive to produce an inhibit signal. Feedback from the pump such as run/off is then relayed to other pumping stations which can be inhibited or enabled to balance flow and to prevent flow peaks from clashing.