Relay outout card for telemetry and real-time control

Relay Output Card / BDT / FDT Binary Logic Relay Card

A ultra low power relay card designed to interface with Telemetry and SCADA.

A relay decoder card that supports both digital telemetry and binary logic sensor applications where data from smart sensors such as the BDT and FDT are converted into a binary logic output.


Reelay output telemetry card

Relay output telemetry card

  • 2 x relay output
  • 1.5Kv isolation
  • 110V ac / 2A rating
  • Gold plated low current contacts
  • on-board voltage regulation
  • Configurable as DO1 and DO2 of binary Flow/High/OK Status
  • LEDs to reflect the true status of relays (red)
  • Latching relays to conserve power.
  • Communications monitoring relay / timer
  • Communications status LED (amber)
  • Received data LED (blue)
  • CPU monitoring LED (green)
  • 2-part plug in terminals
  • 32-bit address support (RDNET1000)
  • 16-bit CRC support (RDNET1000)

Digital Output Configuration (Factory Option)

  • RYL 1 = Digital Input D0 with RED LED
  • RLY 2 = Digital Input D1 with RED LED
  • RLY 3 = Communications Monitor / Signal Loss Alarm with Amber LED (Normally closed when OK)

Binary Output Configuration for BDT/FDT/Call Point (Factory Option)

  • RYL 1 = Digital Input D0 with Green LED (Normally Closed when OK)
  • RLY 2 = Digital Input D1 with Red LED (Normally Open, closed when in Alarm)
  • RLY 3 = Communications Monitor / Signal Loss Alarm (Normally Closed when OK)

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