Digital Input Cards for Telemetry Outstation

RDNET1000 Dual Input Digital Input Card

Dual Channel Digital Input Card for RDNET1000 Outstations and Transmitters

This plug in card permits the interface of 2 volt free contacts, open drain or open collector transistor devices to the RDNET1000 Outstation or Telemetry Transmitters.

Radio Telemetry Digital Input Card

The card features on-board data encoding and comes complete with a pre-assigned unique electronic serial number in line with the RDN1000 data protocol. There are also 2 x status LEDs that can be enabled using a link to reflect the input contact status. (Closed = LED ON). With the link removed the power consumption is reduced, making the card ideal for battery powered applications.


  • RDNET1000 protocol
  • Low Power Sleep Mode when not selected
  • 2 x Digital Inputs with status (red) LEDs
  • 1 x Tamper (loop) Input Option with (amber) status LED
  • 100% plug and play
  • TX Data status LED
  • 32-bit address / Electronic serial number
  • Card message type 1.1, 2.1 and 6.1 supported.
  • 3 of 2-part 3.85mm pitch terminals

Connection Examples:

Radio Telemetry Digital Input Card Connections


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