Analogue 4-20mA Radio Telemetry Input Card

Analogue Input Card – RDNET1000 Transmitter & Outstation

0-2V / 4-20mA analogue input card with on-board precision reference.

Pre-configured analogue input card that can accept either a 0-2V voltage or 0-20mA or 4-20mA input and convert it to the RDNET1000 protocol for transmission. Intended for use within the RDNET 1000 outstation the unit includes an on-board precision voltage reference and 0.1% precision resistor for current loops.

Analogue Telemetry Input Card

Optionally the unit can be supplied with an isolated DC/DC convertor to provide a loop voltage to the sensor of 12V or 24V dc.


  • 10-bit on board ADC
  • High precision analogue references
  • In built data encoder following RDNET1000 data protocol
  • 2-Part plug in terminals
  • 0.1% 100R loop resistor for current input
  • 12V or 24V isolated loop supply for sensor
  • TX LED (blue)
  • Sensor on LED (amber)

Bespoke versions are available to order, please contact our UK sales office for further details.


  • Weight 15gm
  • 63mm Length
  • 32mm Width
  • < 25mm Height inc Pins
  • Terminals
  •  2 x 3.85mm Pitch 2-Part Connectors

Connection Examples:

Analogue Input Connections



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