Road Gully Monitoring

River Level Monitoring

Key Features

  • 10-year battery life
  • Easy installation
  • Detects high level and flooding
  • No software or programming
  • Wireless so no cables to run
  • Battery operated
  • Easy to set trigger point
  • No drill magnetic mount
  • Fits most gully grating
  • Status LED reflects status


  • Gully monitoring
  • Road flooded sign control 
  • Tidal Intrusion

How It Works

Gully and sewer blockages are the main cause of residential and urban flooding in the UK, especially in high-risk urban areas. Many incidents of highway flooding are often attributed to poor gully maintenance, when in reality there are other contributing factors that give rise to highway floodings, such as blocked drainage channels, overloaded drains or sewers, and intrusion into the network from tidal rivers. 

At RDN, we have developed real-time wastewater gully monitoring systems that can monitor flooding hotspots 24/7/365 with the option to include proactive responses to improve safety and to reduce the risk to properties from flooding quickly before any flood event occurs. The RDNET1000 Portable Gully Monitoring system is designed for rapid field deployment, to monitor both incidents of gully flooding and simultaneously the surrounding drain, culverts and drainage ditch levels.

With the support from our Iridium partners, we can deploy our wastewater gully monitoring systems anywhere, from remote Scottish Highlands to a deep valley devoid of cellular coverage or mains power.  

Configuration Options

All systems comprise of one of RDN’s Iridium Satellite Gateways and/or a single of several RDNET1000 Gully and/or BDT drain sensors. The RDNET1000 gully sensor is configurable to monitor gullies from as little as 20cm to over a meter deep.

Supplied with its unique magnetic mounting bracket system, the RDNET1000 Gully Monitor is based upon our unique low power BDT dielectric sensor. 


Deployed Systems

Gully Monitor Installed in gully
Iridium Gully Monitoring System
Iridium & BDT Gully Monitoring g
Gully Monitor Installed. Shallow Chamber