Reduce the risk of fines by proactively containing spills from industrial sites and/or Combined Sewer Overflows.

Manufactured in the UK this range from high quality stainless steel this range of pollution containment valves can be profiled to fit almost any profile of drain or overflow* and retrofitted typically in less than half a day. Compared to a penstock valve there is seldom any need for civil work and more than often the valves can be retro-fitted to an existing chamber or outlet, minimising disruption and saving considerable amounts of time an money during installation.

Containment valve Installation

Containment valve Installation – often a simple retrofit process without the need for civil works

Ultra Low Power – No Mains Power Required

The valves light weigh construction enables them to be operated in areas devoid of mains power, under the control of a dedicated ultra-low power logic controller. Units can operate for many months from a stand alone 12V battery or permanently operated with the addition of a small solar panel. Further, if mains is available then the units include a mains power supply that is used to maintain the battery charge which doubles as a battery backup in the event of power failure.

Safe Remote Control Operation

Valves can be equipped with wireless communications that permits there operation from a safe distance or under automatic control in the event of fire. This feature can be invaluable when dealing with spills of hazardous materials or during a fire when the last think you want to do is place staff at risk to operate a valve. Further, remote operation obviates the need for dual working teams when operating valves in exposed hazardous areas such as public spaces or on river banks.

We manufacture an exclusive range of ultra low power receivers that are compatible with the valve controller that permits the upgrade of any valve for remote activation without placing excessive drain on the battery.

Remote Diagnostics – BMS, SCADA and Telemetry Compatible

The valves can also be equipped with 2-way communications that can be used to relay the status of the valve OPEN – CLOSED – FAULT – LOW BATTERY – MAINS FAIL to a remote location. This permits alarm messages to be delivered to single or multiple locations in a variety of formats.

Options in include:

  • Gateway Receiver – To existing BMS, Telemetry, SCADA
  • Sentinel Receiver – Multi-Zoned receiver for installation in security offices / lodges
  • Data Concentrator – Permits alarms and status to be forwarded by e-mail, SMS Text, etc.
  • Call Points – Remote Call Points to Activate Valves from a Distance
  • Acoustic Fire Alarm Triggers – Activate Valves from the Detection of a Sustained Alarm Activation

Design, Installation and Maintenance Service

We offer a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service. Please speak to our technical sales to book a site visit


* All valves are subject to a maximum operating head.

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