60W Solar Kiosk

GRP Kiosk with integrated 60W solar panel mount.

Manufactured in the UK from high quality GRP and aluminium and finished in RAL 6005 Green, this 60W Solar Kiosk assembly can be supplied with a variety of features, from solar charge regulators through to fuse boards, isolators and telemetry.

The solar panel mount has been designed to be tamper proof with all fixings only accessible from the inside of the kiosk. The tilt angle is 80 degrees which is optimised to maximise the solar gain during the UK winter months. The solar mount also includes two mounting holes that can accommodate beacons, sounders, CCTV, antenna and the mounting of an Iridium Edge satellite modem. Again when mounting all fixings are only accessible from the inside of the mount/kiosk.

30W Solar Powered Kiosk


  • Mechanical:
    • External Width 29 in (74cm)
    • External Height excluding, antenna and plinth 71 in (181cm)
    • External Depth 18 in (45cm)
    • Body Material (enclosure) GRP finished to RAL 6005
    • Solar Panel Support – Aluminium to RAL 6005
    • Door Hinges – Stainless Steel
    • Backboard – Marine plywood 43 in (110cm) 24 in (60cm)
  • Security 
    • Cylinder Rim Lock
  • Environmental 
    • Sealing to IP54
    • Operating -20C to +40C
  • Electrical:
    • Solar Panel = 60W
    • Voltage = 12V nominal, 21.5V open circuit
    • Short Current Limited to 3.8A
    • Solar Regulator Technology MPPT 10A
    • Fuse (Optional)
    • Isolator (Optional)
  • Battery Circuit 
    • 12V Lead Acid
    • Capacity 14 Ahr t0 200 Ahr order dependant
    • Fuse 5A to 30A Cartridge Fuse Order dependant
  • Antenna / Beacon Mount 
    • 19mm hole to accommodate whip antenna with N-type connector
  • Iridium Satellite Modem / Beacon Mount 
    • 19mm hole to accommodate Iridium Edge and M12 connector

Solar Kiosk Plinth


Suggested concrete plinth size (minimum)




MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

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