SP60 60W Solar Kiosk

SP60 Solar Kiosk with integrated 60W solar panel mount.

With the cost of providing mains power often running often into six figures and taking months or even years of planning,  the Radio Data Networks SK60 family of Solar Kiosks is a practical way to get permanent or temporary power for instruments, sensors, monitors, telemetry, controls, and the like, to any location at a fraction of the cost, within typically a few hours subject to the availability of a suitable concrete base or plinth*1.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the SP60 is already used by the UK’s Environment Agency, heavy industry, and utilities such as Anglian Water, at locations where the provision of mains power is not practical or uneconomic.

The SP60 kiosk comes with a choice of standard locks, the option of additional top and bottom turn handles, plus the option of including a MPPT*2 solar charge controller and power isolators.

The top of the solar adapter includes mounting holes for a whip style telemetry antenna, emergency beacons, cellular GSM/4G antenna and/or a satellite modem such as the Iridium Edge.

SP60 Solar Kiosk with additional security locks

SP60 Solar panel installed by the Environment Agency in a London suburb

For transport the kiosk is normally split into two parts enabling it to be hand carried to site and/or transported off road in back of a Land Rover with ease.

The kiosk’s body is manufactured plywood reinforced GRP finished with green gel coat. The solar panel support frame is fabricated from powered coated aluminium making the kiosk suitable for use in coastal locations and able to withstand physical abuse. Once assembled, and with the kiosk door closed, all the fixings for the solar panel and its frame are inaccessible to the public to minimise the risk of theft, the solar panel and the telemetry antenna/modems.

Aside from the standard build options below, we can offer a wide range of bespoke design and build configurations including to the Environment Agency’s MEica standards. We can also source batteries, however we do require knowledge of the load profile, location and intended duration of the deployment before offering advice.


  1. We recommend that the kiosks are anchored to a flat concrete surface of a plinth is case in concrete at least 20cm thick, 1m wide and 75cm deep, with chamfered edges.
  2. We recommend the use of MPPT charge regulation technology as this protects the instruments form overvoltage should the battery be disconnected. Standard PWM regulators tend to pass the full solar panel voltage (up to 21V) through to the load if the battery is disconnected or its battery protection fuse blows. This can lead to irreparable damage to instruments and telemetry.

30W Solar Powered Kiosk


  • Mechanical:
    • External Width 29 in (74cm)
    • External Height excluding, antenna and plinth 71 in (181cm)
    • External Depth 18 in (45cm)
    • Body Material (enclosure) GRP finished to RAL 6005
    • Solar Panel Support – Aluminium to RAL 6005
    • Door Hinges – Stainless Steel
    • Backboard – Marine plywood 43 in (110cm) 24 in (60cm)
  • Security 
    • Cylinder Rim Lock
  • Environmental 
    • Sealing to IP54
    • Operating -20C to +40C
  • Electrical:
    • Solar Panel = 60W
    • Voltage = 12V nominal, 21.5V open circuit
    • Short Current Limited to 3.8A
    • Solar Regulator Technology MPPT 10A
    • Fuse (Optional)
    • Isolator (Optional)
  • Battery Circuit 
    • 12V Lead Acid
    • Capacity 14 Ahr t0 200 Ahr order dependant
    • Fuse 5A to 30A Cartridge Fuse Order dependant
  • Antenna / Beacon Mount 
    • 19mm hole to accommodate whip antenna with N-type connector
  • Iridium Satellite Modem / Beacon Mount 
    • 19mm hole to accommodate Iridium Edge and M12 connector

Solar Kiosk Plinth


Suggested concrete plinth size (minimum)

Order Codes:


GRP heavy duty kiosk measuring 720mm x 450mm deep and 1300mm height with 60W solar and panel support frame with anti-theft security fittings, plywood backboard, pre-drilled mounting holes, through cable glands, standard door lock with key, 2m solar panel extension cables, ground anchors with load spreading plates, supplied as a 2-part kit.


As the SP60-0-0 but with Solar kiosk with additional top and bottom locking handled to improve the door sealing in harsh locations.


As the SP60-0-0 but including a pre-installed MPPT 10A solar regulator and 35mm DIN rail with isolators and circuit breakers for the solar panels and fuses.


Combining both the features of the SL and R in a single unit.



MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

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