Off Grid Power Solutions

SP60 60W Solar Kiosk

10W 3in (76mm) Pole Top Solar Mount

10W 2in (52mm) Pole Top Solar Mount

60W Solar Panel Mount

Radio Data Networks have a long history of producing power efficient telemetry solutions for monitoring and taking control of our world. As a consequence over the years we have also developed an exclusive range of off-grid power solutions that includes solar kiosks, solar panel mounts, support brackets, controllers which can be supplied as part of our systems and/or available for OEM use.

This range includes pole mount adapters for 10W, 20W and 30W to permit attachment to a variety of poles from 2in (50mm) and 3in (75mm) poles, to GRP poles and stilling tubes.

There is also a range of integrated solar kiosks too, offering a variety of internal capacities and build / resilience qualities from including units for use in public spaces.

All mounts are designed and manufactured in the UK and are optimised for maximum UK winter month energy capture with a tilt angle of 70 or 80 degrees, making them perfect for powering signs, beacons, lights, CCTV and environmental sensors in the depth of the UK winter