35mm DIN Rail Mounted Satellite and PMR Interface

Modular 35mm Telemetry Interface for Tetra, DMR and Satellite

New for 2018, a 35mm Modular Interface for Tetra (SDS) or Satellite SBD messaging services.

Measuring just 8cm H by 6.5cm W and 4cm D, this DIN rail module contains a complete interface to control and initiate the launch of SDS or SBD messages reflecting the status of 4-digial inputs, over the Tetra, DMR or Iridium Satellite networks.

4-Input Digital Input 35mm DIN Rail Telemetry ModuleThe unit includes a micro-power controller that permits long term operation from 12V dc, battery or solar power sources. The unit handles the entire encoding and launch of messages. A low power mode enables the unit to enter “sleep” and wake up periodically to send messages or to send messages on state change.

The module includes status LEDs that have a strobe designed to reduce current consumption of the LEDs by over 90%. Additional LEDs include a CPU activity LED, power LED and a LED to reflect the status of the PTT output.




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