Rail Temperature / Track Bed Flooding Monitoring Transmitter

Rail Temperature Monitoring

Remote rail temperature monitoring using LEO satellite networks.

A rapid deployment system for attachment to main-line or dummy rails in order to monitor, capture and report rail temperatures in real-time from virtually any location. The system can be used to provide data in virtual real-time in order to  provide warnings of the increased risk of rail buckling in warm weather and from ice in the depth of winter.

The Sensor/Transmitter assembly is battery powered and mounted on an insulator clip permitting it to be attached in a matter a seconds to the foot of the rail without the need for drilling. Its fully insulated design does not compromise “track circuits” and its ultra low power RF emissions will not disturb signalling or train systems. Further, its narrow body profile fits fully within the underside of an insulator clip thereby substantially reducing the risk of damage during ballast packing and tamping.

Satellite connectivity  to the Iridium LEO Satellite Network is provided by a track-side a Radio Data Networks wireless satellite Gateway which is capable of dynamically altering the upload intervals in response to a pre-loaded schedule.

For example between +2C and +40C the upload could be hourly and outside of this window the rate could increase to once every 5-minutes.

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