Portable Leachate Monitoring

Key Features

  • Easy to install 
  • Retrofit into existing landfill sites 
  • Battery operated 
  • Portable with stability skids to eliminate ground penetration 
  • SDI-12 or 4-20mA sensor variants 
  • Interfaces to local SCADA or via data concentrator to Sentinel365 portal


  • Detecting rainwater infiltration into cells 
  • Controlling abstraction pumps 
  • Auditing tanker services 
  • Preventing groundwater pollution 
  • Reducing carbon footprints

How It Works

Landfill leachate is a potentially polluting liquid, which unless managed and/or treated, and eventually returned to the environment in a carefully controlled manner, may cause harmful effects on the groundwater and surface water that surround a landfill site.

A waste management licence or Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Permit contains conditions to provide assurance that the landfill operation does not cause harm to human health or the environment.  These conditions normally include requirements for environmental monitoring. This guidance is specifically concerned with the monitoring of leachate, groundwater and surface water within and around landfills.

RDN’s portable landfill leachate monitoring systems delivers real-time data samples to help demonstrate the landfill is performing as designed; provides reassurance that leachate controls are preventing pollution; to meet the control and monitoring requirements of legislation; to demonstrate compliance with the Groundwater Control and Trigger Level requirements; to mitigate risks, and to identify  when a site poses no pollution risk or harm to human health. 

Deployed Systems

Leachate Level Monitor
Portable leachate monitoring
Leachate Monitoring System
Portable Leachate Monitoring Stations