Footfall Counters

Footfall counters offer the opportunity to collect visitor numbers from a wide range of locations. Typical applications include; retail and hospitality, tourism and leisure, public realm, and rights of way.

Data from footfall counters show the number of people entering or leaving an area throughout the day. This can be used to calculate conversion rates for retail, understand the utilisation of public assets and understand the impact of your projects on visitor behaviour.

A range of sensors are available to suit different indoor and outdoor applications. These sensors are typically battery-powered and utilise a range of communication technologies including LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. Data is sent to the IoT+ Hub where it can be viewed on a dashboard and exported as a spreadsheet. Data is also accessible via our API.

Case Study: Broadland District Council

Broadland District Council recently opened a new country park and wanted to collect visitor data to understand current utilisation and inform their future plans for the park. The site is on the outskirts of a village and has no mains electricity supply. Cellular coverage is poor around the key area of the main car park.

We provided three sets of footfall counters to monitor visitor numbers through each of the three access points around the car park. The data is transmitted via a LoRaWAN gateway positioned about a mile away at the village hall.

The data collected has provided valuable insights into how and when people use the park. Having accurate visitor numbers supports applications for grant funding to maintain and develop facilities at the site. It also provides a baseline for evaluation of future improvement works.



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