Desk & Meeting Room Occupancy Monitoring

The rise of hybrid working has allowed organisations to rethink their office space requirements.

With staff spending more of their time working remotely the need for everyone to have their own desk in the office is reducing.

To optimise your workspace, it is essential to understand the utilisation of your resources. IoT+ sensors can be deployed on individual desks, in meeting rooms, and in touchdown areas. The data collected shows when each asset is used and for how long. This can be combined with data from desk and room booking systems to identify no-shows and the use of large meeting rooms for small groups.

Low-cost, battery-operated LoRaWAN sensors are ideal for this application. They are quick and easy to install and provide years of service from a single battery. A LoRaWAN gateway allows all the sensors to communicate with the IoT+ Hub. Data is available on dashboards and can also power live availability signage and apps to help your team find the right space to work.


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