CO2 and Indoor Environment Monitoring

Studies have shown that elevated levels of Carbon Dioxide in the air can lead to headaches, drowsiness, poor concentration, and increased heart rate. In the workplace this is not only a danger to the health of your employees but also has a negative impact on their productivity at work. Proper temperature and light levels are also important to ensure your team is comfortable and productive.

By deploying indoor environment monitoring sensors you can provide real-time alerts when CO2 levels rise or other environmental conditions are poor. Coloured LED indicators and audible alarms are available in addition to SMS and email alerts. You can also control HVAC systems to increase ventilation of the affected areas. Historic data can be used to identify problem areas and to assess the effectiveness of heating and ventilation in a building.

Battery-operated, low-cost, LoRaWAN sensors are ideal for this application. The devices are easily installed with screws or double-sided tape and no configuration is necessary. A LoRaWAN gateway enables the sensors to communicate with the IoT+ Hub. Data can be integrated with existing BMS systems if required.

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