Groundwater & Borehole Monitoring

Key Features

  • Battery-Powered Borehole Monitoring
  • Range from 500m to 10km
  • Analogue 4-20mA or SDI-12 Pressure sensors
  • Data Reception Options:
  • Gateway receiver for 4-20mA Systems
  • TETRA Networks (Not available in the UK)
  • IoT+ Internet Gateway
  • Serial USB to Sentinel FM Application


  • BT PSTN and Private Wire Replacement 
  • Pump Control Systems 
  • Reservoir level control 
  • Groundwater protection 
  • Saline intrusion protection 
  • Smart water networks

How It Works

Radio Data Networks is one of the largest suppliers of real-time borehole & groundwater monitoring systems.  Our systems can be found deployed widely across Europe and are used in the UK by the Environment Agency. 

Boreholes are constructed into water-bearing formations (aquifers) with a common misconception that boreholes are used to ‘suck water out of the ground’. Water abstracted from the ground using a pump resulting in a drawdown in the water level in the borehole creating a hydraulic gradient between water in the borehole and groundwater in the aquifer. 

Our groundwater and borehole monitoring systems allows measurements to be collected routinely, at a high frequency across multiple locations and removes the potential errors or delays associated with manual monitoring. 

Deployed Systems

Borehole Monitoring
Dual Channel River Level Monitoring Transmitter Radio Data Networks
Borehole and Pressure Monitoring
Borehole transmitter