Flood Level Transducer (BDT)

The RDN Flood Level Transducer (BDT) is a unique solid-state sensor for flood level monitoring and reporting applications.  

The BDT has significant advantages over ultrasonic, pressure and float switch technology, as it can detect and report issues associated with silt, ice and weed that can lead to the failure of the other technologies. Further, the BDT has a proven track record in the utility sector where they have collectively accumulated over 5 billion hours of service, since they were first introduced in 2010.

Housed in a tough fiberglass protective tube, the BDT offers unrivalled performance,  longevity, operating temperature range, and ultra-low power consumption compared to hydrostatic level transducers, float switches, ultrasonics and radar sensors.

The BDT Flood Level Sensor has a low hysteresis compared to float switches of just 3cm. When used with one of RDN’s transmitters or fuzzy logic interfaces the BDT Flood Level Senor can be used to generate single point or multi-level alarm trip points.

Now with over 10-years service history the BDT is now the widest adopted micro-power solid state water / flood level sensor in the UK, if not the world. Used by utilities, the NHS and even NW Rail the BDT is a unique and failsafe alternative to float switches.

BDT technology is also generally outperforms conductivity type systems as it is immune to triggering by wet leaves. Battery life is typically 10-years and unlike GSM/SMS based systems which are both power hungry and expensive to operate, our power efficient design and lean radio protocols permits each unit to automatically send a uniquely coded health message every 5 or 15 minutes (version dependant) which the receiver station automatically constantly monitors to confirm the system is operational.

Radio Data Network’s BDT flood level transducers can be housed in roadside bollards, kiosks, inside drains and sewers, and more. 

Portable BDT Switch - Flood and CCTV Control

The BDT Switch provides a robust, proven and reliable method of controlling Cameras to verify events such as flooding and to observe the risk of bridge scour etc during storms, etc in remote locations.

Prior to the BDT Switch a camera would have to be deployed and powered 24/7 or duty cycle controlled. Further, during rainfall the data from the camera would have to be observed irrespective of the water level wasting time.

Using the BDT switch the Camera can be switched off completely and only powered when the water level rises to a point of interest triggering the BDT Switch. Aside from extending battery life may fold using the BDT switch enables the event start and stop to be marked eliminating the need for manual observation for the majority of the time.

BDT Switch Food in waterpoorf carry case for field deployment as CCTV controller
BDT Switch Food Portable Flood Warning System for Battery CCTV Operation

Key Benefits

Unique solid state sensor for flood level monitoring and reporting applications

The BDT is an award-winning smart monitoring sensor for varies applications

RDN's BDTs are housed in tough fiberglass protective tubing

The BDT flood level sensor has low hysteresis compared to float switches of just 3cm

Used to generate single or multi-level alarm trip points when using our transmitters

Widest adopted micro-power solid state water / flood level sensor in the UK