35mm Din Rail Module Receiver, Transmitter and Repeater

Modular Telemetry Construction Block for Transmitter Systems and Mission Critical IoT Base Stations

Based upon the D200 Transceiver this 35mm DIN rail mounting modular unit is a perfect building block for numerous systems. The module includes an PTT control for external transmission keying, auto detection of protocols such as the RDN1000, a repeater function with intelligent smart store and forward strategy and a very useful “test scope” function where you can use it to scan for RDN1000 messages and simultaneously measure background noise levels.

The module can be order to operate on both Licensed and Licence Free Radio Spectrum in three operating bands and at power levels of 1W or 5W.

  • VHF 146-173MHz
  • UHF1 400-440MHz
  • UHF2 440-470MHz

The unit is designed for operate from a nominal 12V dc power supply (2A).

Radio Approvals:

  • European – CE and R-ED Directive (Subject to build option on licenced spectrum only)
  • US – FCC Part 15 and Part 90
  • Canadian – RSS-19, Issue 9 2007

Key Features:

  • Receiver mode
  • Transparent transmit mode with PTT keying
  • TTL serial interface
  • 12V dc supply operation
  • Test Mode that generates a test message and reads channel background RSSI
  • IP20 protection
  • 35-mm DIN rail format to EN 50022, DIN4677, IEC 6015
  • L = 160mm W = 80mm H = < 60mm above rail
  • BNC RF Connector
  • Mode Switch

Operating Modes:

  • Receive Only
  • Repeater
  • Repeater with Delay
  • Transmitter with PTT key

For more detail please contact our sales office.

Note this unit can be supplied as an OEM module without firmware for those whishing to write their own application specific code.

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