Health & Safety Policy 2021

Radio Data Networks Limited

Health and Safety Policy Summary 2021


This policy covers all business activities and all employees and contractors of Radio Data Networks Limited (RDN). We have high expectations for our business performance and Health and Safety is no exception, and to this end we hold the following philosophy:

  • Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Our people work in an environment where health and safety concerns can be raised knowing that they will be addressed
  • Health and safety standards will be continually monitored and measured on a regular basis.

Policy Summary

  1. This Policy has been approved by RDN’s Board of Directors who have responsibility for ensuring adequate resources for implementing the policy and ensuring the safety of its employees, contractors and others engaging with our products and services. The Board will ensure that a supporting management framework and procedures are put in place and that managers and staff are able to follow them.
  2. In all areas of risk, RDN will take reasonable and practicable measures to reduce those risks to health, injury and ill health to employees, and anyone affected by our activities. The Board will actively demonstrate this commitment by leading the health and safety agenda and supporting initiatives aimed at improving our performance across all business areas.
  3. RDN will at all times comply with statutory requirements, particularly where these set an absolute duty. RDN will receive legal and other updates via its appointed H&S advisors Peninsula Business Services (Ireland) Limited, as well as the Health and Safety Executive.
  4. RDN is a member of the British Standards Institution and has access to Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification (OHSAS) 18001:2007 which it uses as the framework for the health and safety management system within which health and safety objectives, policies and procedures will be devised, documented, implemented, maintained as required.
  5. RDN will ensure that adequate systems, information and processes are in place to allow health and safety processes to be supervised and audited and that all incidents are captured and reported.
  6. Health and Safety is something in which everyone has a part to play. While there are specific pieces of legislation outlining individual responsibilities (which all employees will be made aware of), we will maintain a safe, clean, tidy working environment.
  7. With the continued global Covid-19 crisis we will work with and support Government Guidelines on social distancing as and when updated throughout 2021.  A full copy of our Covid-19 policy can be obtained on request by calling +44(0)1279 600 440.

For and on behalf of

Radio Data Networks Limited

Belinda Cepe May 2021

Operations Director

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