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Sewer Flow Regulator – Set to Reduce Plastics in the Oceans


The innovative Sewer Flow Regulator has been the centrepiece of the UK Construction Industry Show at the NEC. Designed...

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where


RDNet 3000 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Station – with local Radio Telemetry for Oxygenation Plant Control and Iridium Satellite...

The Zero Pollution Network launces today


Visit their new website

Radio Data Networks to Feature in UK Construction Week’s Innovation Zone


Press Release August 2019 UK Construction Week Innovation Zone Radio Data Networks are please to announce that they have...

Cost Effective replacement for BT Private Circuits and BT Private Wire Services that offer a Proven, Secure and SIM Card Free Future for Monitoring and Control of Remote Sites.


With the 2020 deadline fast approaching where BT (British Telecom) have publicly stated that they will withdraw support for...

Smart Sensors as tools to meet the challenges of urban population growth, pollution and plastics in the ocean


It is now indisputable that we need to become more pro-active to save our planet! With the public and...

The Story of Potential Interference to UHF 458MHz Telemetry by Mobile or Portable Traffic Lights


Less than three decades ago, all radio transmitting and receiving device in the UK required an annual Post Office...

Could the Inappropriate use of IoT lead to Company Directors ending up in Court?


With the Inventor of the Internet Sir Tim Berners Lee stating on the 30-the anniversary of the birth of...

2- Weeks to Go Before Floodex & Irrigex UK Peterborough Arena


Radio Data Networks Press Release 11th February 2019 2- Weeks to Go Before Floodex & Irrigex UK Peterborough Arena...

RDN Support IET Plastics in the Ocean Challenge


Radio Data Networks Press Release 25th January 2019 IET Plastics in the Ocean Challenge Managing Director and Founder of...