River Ash Flood Reduction NFM Scheme

Radio Data Networks Limited [RDN] is proud to be working with both Affinity Water and the Environment Agency on the River Ash flood reduction scheme.  We are a local business based to the South of Bishop’s Stopford, just one catchment east to the Ash, on the River Stort who prides itself on designing and manufacturing here in Britian, using local suppliers based in Essex and Hertfordshire.

Natural Flood Management [NFM] is a modern, low carbon approach to reducing flooding and facing head on the threat from Climate Change.

NFM comes in many forms from roadside swales to forestry plantations with trees. The objective of NFM is to slow and attenuate flow, plus absorb rainfall before it hits a watercourse or combined sewer network, thereby reducing its peak flow and the risk of spills, pollution and flooding.

Aside from the flood benefits, NFM features can help create a diverse environment for a whole variety of plant and animal species called biodiversity and helps to improve the resilience to drought of nearby trees and shrubs, plus helps to maintain the water quality in the River Ash, which is one of just 170 chalk streams in the UK, and of 200 in the world.

To evidence that any investment in an NFM scheme is delivering results it is necessary to measure the flow through the watercourse for a period before the NFM is created and thereafter after it is constructed.

To measure the flow, it is often necessary to install a small temporary structure, as we have done here, to create a small dam and to include what is called a V-notch weir, which includes a gauge mounted in a stilling tube. The level of water flowing over this weir equates to flow rate and is measured and sent to an online monitoring platform via the cellular networks. During dry periods it is quite normal for the levels fall to near empty or empty and for there to be no flow. NFM is really all about slowing those big storm and heavy rainfall events, and often light showers will not create a noticeable flow, this is normal.

We appreciate the support of the public on this living science project, and should you have any questions or concerns please use our contact page, entitling you query with River Ash, NFM.

To find out more about NFM there are resources on the .Gov Website https://www.gov.uk/guidance/natural-flood-management-programme which can be reached using this link.



Working with Affinity Water


Working with the environment agency