Case Studies

Smart Pressure Management Telemetry

Portable Gauging Stations for Flood, Drought and Safety Management

Smart Wet Well Control for Sewer Flood Reduction and Network Optimisation

Flood Alarm Systems for Critial Sites – With Dual or Triple Redundancy and Autonomy from the Internet

Deployed Systems


Off-Grid Leachate Abstraction

jersey water

Portable Gauging Station mounted on bridge with Vegaplus C11

Portable Gauging Stations


Rail Flood & Temperature Monitoring

Remote Rail Condition Monitoring

network Rail

Sewer Stack Monitoring

Sewer Stack Monitoring


Temporary Covert Gauging Station

Covert Temporary Gauging Station


Remote Dual Redundant Industrial Flood Alarm Transmitter Station

Storm Tank Monitoring

Royal Mail

225mm SFR Installed in 225mm Sewer to control flow in from lateral

225mm Sewer Flow Regulator

City of london

Borehole and Pressure Monitoring

Borehole & Pressure Monitoring

Belgium Government


Temperature Monitoring

City of london

Hospital flood alarm system

Automated River Gauging

NHS Hospitals