Pollution prevention

Mission Statement

Applied Mission Critical Telemetry and Internet of Things (IoT) to Reduce Pollution, Increase Efficiency, Cut Waste, Improve Safety, Reduce Sewer Flooding, Report Surface Flooding, Reduce Leakage, Increase Resilience and to reduce the spill of Plastics in our Waterways and Oceans 

We totally oppose Data Logging as our children would say:

“Data Logging is so Last Century”

We totally agree as all you can achieve with data logging is an autopsy report! In this modern age when we can obtain data from beyond the extremes of our Solar System there is no excuse, we can measure virtually anything and deliver data from areas devoid of normal communication media and power. With Mission Critical Telemetry / IoT  (SIM free NB-IoT can deliver real-time data and alarms from flooded sewers in a hospital basement to the far flung reaches of the Welsh mountains to the WWI battlefields of Flanders, Belgium where we deliver levels from boreholes.

Brian M Back BEng(Hons) CEng FIET MIoD

Founder and Managing Director

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