Transmitter Housing CAD screen shot

Environmentally Conscious Design [ECD] Policy

We follow the principles of environmentally conscious design  in line with BS EN IEC 62430:2019, both in the way we design our products but also in their application, such as their protection of the environment and their compatibility in service with the planets ecosystem

Where practical products are battery / solar operated and designed to have service lives measured in decades.  Further, we have made products forward and backwards compatible to ensure that unlike too many other manufacturers there is no deliberate obsolescence or forced customer migration. This has required considerable investment in getting it right first time and taking the conscious decision to put longevity before profit.

Simply, look at our statistics. Returns rates are virtually zero, and devices clocking up millions of hours of operation.


Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal