Environmental Policy 2020

Radio Data Networks Limited – Environmental Policy 2020

As a leading Green Technology business Radio Data Networks’ Limited is committed to reducing its own impact, that of its supply chain on the environment. Almost 20% of our revenue since 2014 has been expended on R&D pioneering Green Tech such as digital sensors, telemetry and resilient mission critical  IoT to monitor, measure and even mitigate water pollution caused by sewer blockages, spills from combined sewer overflows CSOs, industrial pollution, flooding and water quality monitoring. We also support the Zero Pollution Network as a founder member.

In 2018 following media linking sewer overloads, surcharges and CSO overflows with plastics in our waterways and oceans, we have been proactively promoting the application of our technology to combat the spill of plastics in our oceans. We are hoping that during 2020 our latest Green Technology innovation the multi-award winning  Sewer Flow Regulator [SFR] will see widespread adoption and as a consequence help to reduce the frequency of spills and plastics reaching our oceans

Zero Pollution Network

As always, we engage philanthropically with trade associations and networks such as the Zero Pollution Network such as SWIG, British Water, Future Water Association and the Low Power Radio Association to develop ideas and disseminate best practice, such as CSO spill reduction through real-time control, flow regulation, CSO Containment Weirs and its latest innovations pump controls and sewer flow regulators.

Plastics in the Oceans:

The founding Director of Radio Data Networks, Mr Brian M Back a Fellow of the IET was a judge on the IET’s Global Challenge which concerned the Plastics in the Oceans: Uniquely not only does Radio Data Networks Limited  philanthropically give up time to support other ideas and innovations but it also has ideas of its own that have been proven to cut the discharges of plastics and sewage into the aquatic environment.

Radio Data Networks Carbon Policy:

Our operational hub, the unique Innovation Farm, is an “A” rated eco-friendly building equipped with the latest state of the art PV generation making us Carbon Neutral for considerable periods of the year. Further, within our building employ the latest in energy and water monitoring and targeting devices and software to ensure that we are optimising our utilisation wherever possible.

Radio Data Networks Tree Planting Policy:

Commencing in December 2019, Radio Data Networks will plant a trees upon receipt and delivery of orders to its customers. This scheme sees the company staff rolling up their sleeves, putting their boots on, and braving the outdoors, to plant trees along the Banks of the River Stort Valley to the rear of Radio Data Networks headquarters at the Innovation Farm, which lies in the Stort Valley.

The location chosen is one previously deforested by intensive farming over the past thousand years or so. Planting trees at this location will have a triple impact, firstly it will absorb CO2, secondly will provide a much-needed habitat for wildlife and finally help to attenuate rainfall runoff into the River Stort, reducing the risk of down-stream flooding.

Radio Data Networks went Plastic Free in 2019:

Wherever possible since June 2019, RDN has pledged to go plastic free, from packing tapes to plastic packaging, undertaking not to purchase any plastic packaging in the future. Please support us and as we say if we can do it so can others too!

Radio Data Networks –  helps the Environment:

Green Technolgy all the way, our remote monitoring, digital water and smart sensing solutions bring enormous benefits to the environment in terms of both pollution reduction and in lowering the carbon footprint of our customers by providing remote asset information in real-time thereby reducing the need to travel many tens of thousands of miles per annum.

Sewer Flow Controller Sewer Flow Regulator

Our delivery platforms have been deliberately designed to be robust and our protocols are optimised to maximise battery life, with many devices exceeding 10-years life from a single battery pack.

In 2017 three items of Radio Data Networks technology was selected by Anglian Water to feature in their Newmarket Shop Window. A real-time pump control system, a CSO Containment Valve and a discharge monitoring pollution telemetry system.

In 2018,commenced the development of a retro-fit flow regulator that can also aid the reduction of flows and hence the occurrence of sower overflows and CSO overflow spills. This was upgraded in 2019 to operate off-grid and to also facilitate servicing from above ground without the need to access a sewer chanter.

We support the aims of Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC

As a company we support the aims of both the Water Framework Directive and Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC where businesses large and small are required by lay to prevent and to remediate pollution. Our technology is designed to assist the reduction of pollution through the early detection of events and to permit the mitigation of incidents through the provision of our real-time data and control.

Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC

The Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC is probably the most specific of all the directives applicable to our industry sector. It applies to the whole of the European Union and embraces everything from catchment protection through to bathing waters.

Environmental & Consultancy Services:

Our corporate services are focused on environmental control, pollution reduction, the protection of the environment through the use of radio telemetry and remote monitoring rather than “man in van”,  data logging, both of which produce nothing but autopsy reports. Consultancy services are offered through our sister company Euro Technology Services Limited www.eurotechltd.co.uk

We believe that by providing real-time data it enables customers understand how their operations impact on the environment. It also permits customers implement real-time and automated event mitigation strategies, ranging from the fitting of PCDs (e.g. pollution containment valves through) through to real-time pump control, both of which can help enable incidents from becoming disasters. All would agree that it is far less carbon intensive to receive advanced warning of a blocked sewer than to have to expend carbon on remediation.

The Key Points RDN’s Environmental Strategy:

  • Leading the Green Technolgy revolution
  • Helping the NHS with infection control during Covid-19 by providing innovative Green Technology sewer monitoring solutions
  • Supporting and spreading our technology via the Zero Pollution Network
  • Encouraging pollution containment at source
  • Eliminating the use of plastic wherever possible
  • Planting trees to compensate for CO2 and to attenuate surface runoff
  • Banning the purchase of plastic packaging materials
  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and services to ensure they are as efficient as possible.
  • Minimise the carbon footprint of operations and to wherever possible employ renewable energy sources.
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers in particular in the areas of packaging materials.
  • To develop products that have a net positive environmental impact and through which customers and industry can monitor, reduce and mitigate their impact.
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company
  • Actively promote the education of the public and industry of environmentally related matters through the philanthropic sponsorship of media to disseminate best practice.

For and on behalf of

Radio Data Networks Limited

Brian M Back

Brian M Back BEng(Hons) CEng FIET MIoD

Managing Director


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