Scanning Telemetry MPT1327

Mission Critical IoT, M2M & Radio Telemetry

Mission Critical IoT: Data delivered over licenced, secure and legally protected radio channels, the Mobitex, PMR, Tetra networks.

Flap valve transmitter for CSO Flow Monitoring

Mission Critical IoT vs LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi, ZigBee IoT

Our Mission Critical IoT operates at low radio frequencies that have been carefully chosen to give optimum penetration in both rural and urban environments and are legally protected. Our signals do not require a clear path and can more readily penetrate through walls, buildings, trees and even complete forests, something not achievable with the much higher frequencies used by Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth technology.

Although we support concept of  the Internet of Things [IoT] we believe it is currently being promoted “hyped” for applications for which it is unsuitable, due to its lack of resilience, ownership of data, use of the internet, risk for DDOS attacks and the use of unprotected licence free radio spectrum. Yes LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi, ZigBee can all be listened to and/or blocked by saboteurs without any means of defence or legal redress.

Our Mission Critical IoT is completely different in that it doesn’t use the internet back-hall, includes regular health messages, does not use SIM cards, can communicate pier to pier and with legacy assets, operates on licenced radio spectrum and is highly battery efficient.

We believe you get what you pay for in life, simply no licence equals no protection!


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