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Business Sectors

We have over 30-years experience in the Water, Wastewater, Pollution Control, Electricity Gas, Rail and Environment Sectors delivering Remote Monitoring, Real-Time Data and Remote-Control our Business Sectors include:

  • Water – Pressure Monitoring, Leakage Reduction, Borehole Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring, Abstraction Inhibits and Counter Terror
  • Pollution Control and Reduction
  • Wastewater – Sewer Monitoring, Sewer Surcharge Reduction, CSO EDM, CSO Spill Containment, Sludge Blanket Monitoring, Oxygenation Ditch Monitoring, Vacuum Sewage System Monitoring, Sewer Flow Regulation
  • Healthcare – Sewer Blockage Alarms and Temperature
  • Drainage – Drainage Level and Alarms, SuDS chamber level alarsms
  • Road Transport – Ice reporting, Flood Alarms and Flood Signs
  • Rail Transport – Rail Temperature Monitoring and Flood Monitoring
  • Retail – Sewer Alarms
  • Mining – Pollution Monitoring and Containment
  • Industrial – Pollution Monitoring, Radio Telemetry, Control and Pollution Mitigation
  • Chemical – Pollution Monitoring and Containment

Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal