Smart-networks, real-time monitoring, smart cameras & incident mitigation

Radio Data Networks is a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of smart networks, radio telemetry, satellite and applied IoT solutions with optional smart camera image verification, geared towards delivering a cleaner, more sustainable, safer future to combat the impacts of climate change. In brief we design and deliver “technology for good”.

Our portfolio is unique featuring a range of award winning solutions from smart sensors, level and flow measurement, event triggered cameras, to retrofit smart flow regulators for drainage and sewer networks and cloud data hosting.

Water & Wastewater Utilities

River, flood, pollution, drainage, rainfall, boreholes, trash screens, chalk stream water deficit, storm water detention, groundwater levels, retrofit MCERT V-notch weirs, plus through our smart networks and patented wastewater flow regulator, help to reduce incidents of sewer flooding and spills via CSO overflows to reduce plastics and sewage in waterways and oceans.

Rail & Highways

High SIL systems for railways and highway flooding, trash screen, culvert and gully monitoring. Remote incident visual verification with smart sensor trigger. Road and rail temperatue monitorjng.

Built Environment

Sewer & Drain Alarms. Pollution Monitoirg. Building occupancy, temperature, internal and external drainage, stacks, flood warnings, and flow monitoring from cooling towers and smart buildings.

Environment & Waste

Landfill leachate levels, control pumps and sludge blanket levels. Oil interceptor monitoring, PCD (pollution control devices) automation and control. Flood monitoring and reduction.

Local Authorities & Government Agencies

Design and deployments of local flood monitoring schemes within integrated catchment rainfall, cloud data hosting, supplying and configuring LoRaWAN networks and sensors.

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Smart River Gauging Station with Integrated Camera for Incident Verification

Smart Sensor Trash Screen Monitoring System

Smart Networks Sewer Flow Regulator to reduce CSO Spills and Flooding

Rail Flood & Temperature Monitoring

Our Solutions

  • Smart Sewer Flow Regulators
  • Digital Water Transformation
  • Blocked Sewer & Stack Alarms
  • River Gauging Stations
  • Gully Monitors
  • Pollution Control Devices
  • Railway Condition Monitoring
  • Flow Regulators
  • Sludge Blanket Monitors
  • CSO EDM Monitoring
  • Wireless Float Switches

Custom Services

Bespoke Systems

  • River Gauging Station
  • Flood Monitoring Systems
  • Sewer Monitoring Systems
  • Railway Flood  Monitoring
  • Rail Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Sludge Blanket Monitoring
  • Borehole Monitoring
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • River Support Stations
  • Satellite Telemetry
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Leachate Monitoring
  • Solar Powered Telemetry
  • Weather Stations

Zero Pollution Network Zero Pollution Network