Rail Temperature Monitoring System with Iridium Solar Satellite Gateway

Iridium Satellite Based Rail Temperature Monitoring System – Showcased on Iridium Corporation Website


Radio Data Networks Iridium Satellite based rapid deployment rail temperature system has adopted by Transport for Wales [TfW] as a means of obtaining rail temperature readings from anywhere along the length of their network.

Operating totally independently of the cellular networks this system overcomes the rather patchy and often non-existent coverage along what is arguably some of the UK’s most challenging rail locations.

The system not only captures the temperature of the running rails but also measures the level of solar irradiation or loss trackside to provide a means of both predicting ice formation on OHL catenary and for data cross correlation.

Supplied as a complete package, with a clip-on wireless rail sensor and trackside satellite gateway, complete with integrated solar panel/ irradiation monitor, units can be installed in a matter of minutes and weighing < 10Kg all in can be easily hand carried to site along the track bed.

The data can be viewed via Radio Data Networks’ own Sentinel365 dashboard which provides 24/7/365 access via desktop and smartphone devices or can be exported to third party system via an APN.  The Sentinel365 platform prepared for TfW allows the data can be displayed alongside weather data such as rainfall to further enhance the quality of data to assist for example the prediction of ice formation, etc.

The system is featured this month on the Iridium Corporation website How Satellite Networks Help Rail Systems (iridium.com).

Other rail oriented solutions include smart hybrid level gauges for bridges that utilise both cellular and Iridium communications, smart flood monitoring systems with cameras and trash screen monitors.

Iridium Based Satellite Rail temperature Monitoring System

Iridium Based Satellite Rail temperature Monitoring System Solar Gateway