Industry First – Data directly to Network Rail Intelligent Infrastructure System


Radio Data Networks are pleased to announce that they are the first suppler to Network Rail that has been given direct access to Network Rail’s Intelligent Infrastructure system for the delivery of data from their Remote Condition Monitoring Systems using the Iridium Satellite network.


Flood Sensor Installed

Iridium Based Track Flood Flood Sensor Installed by Network Rail at RIDC in 2018

Managing Director and Founder of Radio Data Networks Eur Ing Brian M Back stated this is a significant step towards widespread adoption of our Iridium based remote condition monitoring and flood monitoring solutions since the original successful trials conducted by Network Rails, Melton Rail Innovation & Development CentreĀ  RIDC over the winter of 2018.

In these trials our Iridium based RCM systems where put through their paces under live running track conditions alongside other technologies and demonstrated the combination of iridium and our smart sensor technologies such as our BDT were a clear winner in remote locations devoid of cellular and other types of communications.

I would like to thank personally the Innovation teamĀ  at Network Rail Telecoms plus our inhouse development team at RDN for their support over the past 4-years and perseverance through those dark days of Covid during which the trials and subsequent deployments were made.