Portable River Gauging Station. River Staging Station

Portable Gauging Stations Help Tackle Flash Flooding


Perfect for both semi-permanent and emergency deployment these fully portable gauging stations are able to deliver river levels from anywhere on the planet to a remote dashboard. Lightweight but tough these stations are housed in a stainless steel enclosure complete with carry handles, yet weighing under 8.5kg including batteries.

River Gauging Station Mounted on a Bridge Parapet

Portable River Gauging Station deployed to monitor flash flooding incidents on a Chalk Stream


A complete Gauging Station in a box, including an Iridium satellite modem making this gauging station deployable absolutely anywhere on the planet, with our without cellular coverage.

Level measurements are over a 6m or 30m span thanks to an integrated high precision level radar, offering mm precision and eliminating inaccuracies caused by temperature as seen with ultrasonics level devices.

Adjustable mounting brackets enable mounting from bridge structures without drilling

Mounting brackets enable the portable gauging stations to be mounted on numerous fixed structures from bridges to handrails

Reporting rates from 5-minutes to 30-minutes in virtual real-time mean that the units can be deployed to provide live warnings of flooding to flood responders and governments.