Landfill Monitoring – Towards Net Zero Pollution & Leachate Control


New for 2022, portable retrofit landfill leachate monitoring system.  This highly flexible system, can be added to any landfill site, to provide both monitoring and control of leachate levels.

The level of leachate present in a landfill site is acknowledged to be a good barometer of its condition. Measurement of leachate level can be used to control pollution, the level of methane, used to detect leaks in membranes and the failure of caps. Real-time measurements can also be used to evidence that contractors have attended the site to drain-down and remove excess leachate as part of a pollution and water level control prevention system.

Landfill Leachate Monitoring System

Landfill Leachate Monitoring System

The system is available for 4-20mA or transducers, and includes in integrated cable store, pressure equalisation vent. Communication options include:

  • Licenced radio telemetry (100m to 5km)
  • Licence Free Radio (30m to 200m)

Gateway Options Include

  • Pump Control
  • Iridium Satellite
  • LAN
  • Internet / Cellular