Flood Gate, Penstock

Automated Floodgates Deployed


Radio data Networks working in partnership EIL deploys a range of automated Flood Gate Systems designed to provide a viable cost effective alternative to traditional pen-stock valves in flood control schemes. Already adopted by the UK’s Environment Agency these flood gates/valves areĀ  perfect for inclusion in food defences to implement partial or total closure of for example the outflow channel from a flood retention pond / lagoon in order to minimise the risk of downstream flooding. System can also be constructed to block off / restrict the flows in underground drains, sewers and culverts.

The Flood Gate Systems can be created to control discharge pipes/outlets from from 10cm to 1m in diameter, and can be installed without the need for mains power saving in many cases tens of thousands of pounds and months of delay associated with obtaining mains power. Control can be local, fully automated or remote via radio telemetry, satellite telemetry or cellular.

All systems are legacy telemetry/BMS/ SCADA and IoT+ compatible.