RDN’s New Distributor & Support Team Appointed to cover Wales


Air Water Pollution Limited appointed to become an official distributor and installer for RDNs equipment in Wales.

Making the announcement on 5th Sept 2020, Brian M Back the founder of Radio Data Networks stated, “we are excited in the prospect of increasing our installed base in Wales through offering high quality local support from survey to installation. This is particularly key in these days of Covid-19 lockdowns where travel can often be a challenge., further it helps or drive towards Net Zero by cutting our travel distances to site.

RDN has a large portfolio of solutions that is perfect for use in Wales and we also have the ability to communicate/send data in areas that are devoid of cellular coverage or power. This includes an exclusive Ofcom licenced channel across Wales for IoT/telemetry plus for those most distant corners telemetry over the Iridium satellite network, both of which have been independently proven to work in mountains and remote locations.

Mr Back also stated ” having AWPL on board should help us achieve our ambition of seeing our technology, in particular real-time control, used to reduce incidents of pollution in the drive towards Net Zero.” He believes that for too often companies have been content with data logging however this is great at creating autopsy reports and now in the 21st Century we need to move to control and incident mitigation.”

RDN Press Office 5th Sept 2020