Sewer Flow Regulator Smart Network – Double Win


Green Tech at its finest! We are proud to announce our Sewer Flow Regulator within the space of just 2-weeks has received two major innovation awards. Firstly, back in January we won 1st place in the Future Water Association Innovation Award, Eastern held during the Peterborough Floodex 2020. Then last Friday the Institute of Water Eastern innovation Award again held at Peterborough.

What is key, both Dragon Den style judging panels came from the Water and Wastewater industry including directors and of utilities such as Anglian Water, ensuring that the quality of the judging was without question, highly informed and focused.

What is key in the winning of these awards is not the technology, but the recognition by the industry that we have to tackle head on the urgency of reducing pollution, sewer flooding and energy – Net Zero & Zero Pollution, by upgrading networks to become Smart using retrofit technology such as the sewer flow regulator.

For almost 10-years, Radio Data Networks, has been building a portfolio of Smart Network building blocks. Starting with its BDT that won the SBWWI innovation award back in 2012. Then the FDT flow sensor that now is used on countless CSO overflows and is undergoing trials in the US by the EPA.

Simply, we believe it is time to stop data logging and to invest in real-time control and incident mitigation as it is affordable and now multiple award winning.