Blocked Sewer Radio Telemetry

Proven – Radio Data Network’s BDT (Solid-State Sewer Level Detector) in 2020 enters its 10th Year of Service – Protecting our Aquatic Environment


Setting potentially a new Wastewater Industry World Record for durability and battery life, the BDT high level drain and sewer alarm can hold its head up high, achieving approaching 10-years of service on a single battery, yet delivering high level warnings as frequent as every 2.5 seconds!

Aside from undergoing a cosmetic facelift in 2014 with the introduction of a dedicated injection moulded housing for the BDT’s sensor electrode, the 2020’s BDT is electronically, software and ATEX safety compatible with that of the original BDT design launched in 2010, plus crucially according to its happy Fanclub still retains its award winning traits that include the ease of installation and testability which won the BDT the SBWWI Innovation Award in 2012.

Although originally developed for the Wastewater Industry as a simple high-level alarm, BDTs can now be found used in factories, schools, restaurants, retail, supermarkets, warehousing and healthcare, with the UK’s NHS being the largest non-utility user. Plus, numerous new applications have emerged which now include the real-time control of pumps, CSO containment weirs and Radio Data Networks latest innovation the Sewer Flow Regulator [SFR].

Sewer Flow Regulator Control - Single PointExample of BDT used for Single Point Flow Control of a Sewer Flow Regulator

Now in 2020 here, with Regulators and OFWAT focusing on aquatic pollution reduction, the BDT with its proven high reliability and durability will be instrumental in the battle of reducing pollution from sewage and plastics in the oceans that arise from blockages and sewer overloads.

RDN Press Office 2020