Tree Planting Scheme Announced by Radio Data Networks


Radio Data Networks announces its second initiative within the past 3-months to help combat global pollution and climate change. This is a tree planting in return for orders scheme. This comes hot on the heels of Radio Data Networks becoming a lead sponsor and founding member of the Zero Pollution Network in September 2019.

This new scheme will see the company staff roll up their sleeves, put their boots on, and brave the outdoors, to plant trees in return for orders received and delivered by the company.

The trees will be initially planted in a location along the River Stort Valley, to the rear of Radio Data Networks headquarters at the Innovation Farm, which lies in the Stort Valley. The location chosen is one previously deforested by intensive farming over the past thousand years or so. Planting trees at this location will have a triple impact, firstly it will absorb CO2, secondly will provide a much-needed habitat for wildlife and finally help to attenuate rainfall runoff into the River Stort, reducing the risk of down-stream flooding.

The River Stort is the largest of the six main tributaries of the River Lee, which ultimately joins the River Thames.

A certificate of tree planting will be issued to customers which may assist those with obligations to plant trees. Planting will be undertaken during the tree planting season from mid-October through to February to ensure the maximum chance of each trees survival and to minimise the need for artificial watering in summer. Outside this season, records will be kept and trees pre-ordered for planting to commence at the beginning of each new season.

For more details of this scheme please contact the RDN Press Office or the Zero Pollution Networks please go to


RDN Press Office Dec 2019