Sewer Flow Regulator – Set to Reduce Plastics in the Oceans


The innovative Sewer Flow Regulator has been the centrepiece of the UK Construction Industry Show at the NEC. Designed to control flows in sewers, the sewer flow regulator has the ability to reduce sewer and drain overloads and consequentially the spill of plastics and other pollutants into the environment and the incidents of sewer flooding into properties. However the benefits of retrofit sewer flow regulation do not stop there, with the strategic placing of the control sensors sewer flow regulators can also be used to control the blend of sewage arriving at a sewage treatment works, thereby balancing the intake and the efficiency of the works.

Sewer flow Regulator Radio Data Networks

To find out more why not visit us today (10th October 2019) on the last day of the UK Construction industry show at the NEC.