Portable Disolved Oxygen Monitoring Station

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where


RDNet 3000 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Station – with local Radio Telemetry for Oxygenation Plant Control and Iridium Satellite IoT feed for Remote Monitoring 24/7/365 from Anywhere on the Planet without a SIM card.

This complete system 100% engineered solution by Radio Data Networks is the Worlds First, first fully portable, user friendly Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring station that includes an ingenious mechanical quick fit saddle with sensor retractor, plus both licenced radio for local control of oxygenation fans and innovative solutions like the Oxfiniti portable box solutions https://www.oxfiniti.com,  whereby the level of oxygen in the ditch can be optimised and controlled to both reduce pollution and to conserve energy.

The stainless steel saddle is fully adjustable to accommodate  ditch walls form 8in (20cm) to 12in (30cm) thickness and includes a load spreading plate and cable protector. The enclosure includes both integral wireless and iridium satellite antenna. The unit is available with a glazed or solid discrete door. The satellite feed includes a regular health message, tamper, battery level and the DO level to 16-bit resolution.

Putting Oxygen in Space – Portable Dissolved Oxygen Unit – Operable Anywhere thanks to its Iridium Satellite RDNet 3000 Telemetry Controller

Please contact RDNs Sales office or that of Oxfiniti for further details.