Cost Effective replacement for BT Private Circuits and BT Private Wire Services that offer a Proven, Secure and SIM Card Free Future for Monitoring and Control of Remote Sites.


With the 2020 deadline fast approaching where BT (British Telecom) have publicly stated that they will withdraw support for Private Wire / Private Line service telephony, Radio Data Networks RDNET1000 Telemetry Systems have been commissioned and deployed by a growing number of Water, Wastewater Utilities and Government Agencies such as the EA and NRW to replace their vital telemetry links.

So, why choose the RDNET1000, when there is a plethora of technologies out there?

Operating exclusively on protected Ofcom licenced radio spectrum the RDNET1000 we believe is as near to a dedicated cable as you can ever find. We use VHF frequencies, which due to the laws of physics are power efficient and optimised to give maximum operating distance in both urban and rural locations. VHF by its nature also passes will through trees, buildings and even diffracts well over hills removing the need for a line-of-sight path between the transmitter and receiver location.

Independent trials conducted by Utilities have already confirmed that for the same transmitter power RDN’s VHF links can outperform both UHF and IoT technologies such as LoRa. Further, they demonstrated that they could establish reliable data links where the other two technologies failed due to their much higher operating frequency. Finally, the use of licenced VHF eliminates the risk of interference, this for example is currently is blighting UHF 458MHz licence free bands in the UK where interference from portable traffic lights is a growing menace.

RDNs service is also cost effective, with an annual running cost per point at a fraction of the existing BT private wire services. Further, there are no SIM cards to manage or charges per call, the prices are simply fixed, and the service is future proof from the current migration issues that plague the cellular industry.

Typical Gateway Receiver Connected to a Telemetry Outstation

RDNET1000 Gateway Receiver with Relay Outputs

In this world of growing and some would say needless complexity, the RDNET1000 is also refreshing. It is simple to install, test, operate and should never leave staff feeling frustrated on a Sunday afternoon in need of an exclusive programming tool or software patch as the RDNET1000 simply doesn’t need any!

The evidence speaks for itself, as we write this press release, RDN’s licenced VHF allocations and technology already deliver over 300-million messages for the UK Water and Wastewater Utility Sector alone.

In summary, if you are looking to replace a BT Private Wire or BT Leased Circuit the RDNET1000 could offer a future proof and affordable alternative to cellular. Not only does the RDNET protocol support point-to-point communications but also two way and multi-node, IoT type of architectures and most importantly real-time control. RDN also offers interfaces that also support legacy sensors such as 4-20mA and systems can operate from a mixture of mains, battery and solar. Finally, RDN offers a unique and industry leading bespoke / custom build service that covers everything from power, enclosures to sensor sourcing, interfacing to bespoke mounting brackets.

BT Private Wire Telemetry ReplacementObsolete BT Private Wire Telemetry System before replacement with RDN’s RDNET1000 Licenced Telemetry

RDN Press office 2019