Retrofit Sludge Blanket Monitoring System


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Press Release January 2019

Retrofit Sludge Blanket Monitoring System

Radio Data Networks are pleased to announce the successful deployment and commissioning of a turnkey Sludge Blanket Monitoring System for the leading UK water Utility, Anglian Water.

Sludge Blanket Monitoring System

One of the 8 Sludge Blanket Transmitter Units

The system that went live just prior to Christmas 2018 was designed from start to finish to be retrofittable to the work’s existing scraper bridges without the need for any structural alterations, without compromising walkways and most importantly to interface seamlessly with the existing on-site SCADA/Telemetry.

In this application the system monitors 8-bridges over RDN’s Ofcom Licensed radio channel. It also has in-built capability to monitor additional bridges and/or other processes around the works, such as inlet flow and DO levels from oxygenation ditches via analogue 4-20mA plug in cards.

According to all accounts, the project has already been deemed an overwhelming success and has resulted in the AW project manager issuing a statement “Commissioned and functioning as intended, Great Project, thank you for your work on this.”

Radio Data Networks founder and Managing Director Brian M Back stated “This system represents another milestone in the provision of 100% turnkey solutions, from the sourcing of component through to the design and manufacture in-house of bespoke mounting brackets and weatherproof boxes. Key to our design strategy has always been safety, ease of use, testability, durability and thinking ahead to ensure that all possible snags and issues are ironed out at the design stage to eliminate the need for re-work on site”.

Sludge Blanket Monitoring

Custom Stainless Steel Brackets – Keep Gangways Clear and Ease Retrofit

He added “take the example of the brackets, these were designed to attach to the exiting handrail structure and where cranked at fabrication to ensure the gangways were not obstructed. Further all the fixing points were slotted to accommodate imperfections and tolerances that were likely to be encountered across the site”.

Rather than use mild steel that must be sent galvanizing, RDN as standard specify stainless steel for all their projects. Not only does stainless provide a better and more hygienic finish, but stainless overall works out to have a lower carbon footprint, is 100% recyclable, plus in the unlikely event you do have to alter something there are no exposed edges/holes to rust. The latter is particularly important in the corrosive environment of a sewage treatment plant which is clearly illustrated by the level of rust on the existing galvanized handrails in the photographs.

In the case of this system, 110V ac was available and used to power the system. However, systems can be provided to operate on anything from 12V dc through to bi-phase 410-450V in the absence of a neutral on a 3-phase supply. In all cases a battery backup is provided to enable the system to report a loss of power to the bridges.

Sludge Blanket Monitoring System

System Designed to Operate Without a Protruding Antenna

The system can operate with virtually any 3rd party sludge blanket monitor with analogue and/or digital interfaces. Similarly, at the receiver end RDN have gateways to interface with a wide variety of Telemetry / SCADA system without the need for software drivers or compromising cyber security.

RDN have also recently deployed similar systems with Severn Trent Water for monitoring the rotation of bridges.

January 2019

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