Signal multiplexer module

New Signal / Alarm Multiplexer Module Launched for Alarm, Telemetry and IoT


Responding to customer demand, RDN are pleased to launce another member to its growing family of 35mm DIN rail mounting modules.

The 8-way signal multiplexer module is designed to permit the cost effective distribution of alarm / control signals to or from 8-seperate locations and can be suppled to work with ac or dc supplies from 12V dc to 110v ac, or low voltage analogue signals.

Uniquely each of the 8-outputs has its own double pole isolator which permits any or all outputs to be 100% isolated from their source or destination. This for example permits cables to be isolated for electrical testing and/or remote systems to be tested without impacting on other units. Each output also has its own in-line 20mm fuse and a parallel status LED operable from both ac and dc supplies.

Applications Includes:

  • Alarm Signal Distribution and Isolation
  • Radio Telemetry Signal Distribution
  • Digital Alarm / Status Multiplexing (1 to 8 or Gate)
  • IoT/Telemetry Systems
  • Signal Isolation
  • Cabling replacement

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