Mission Critical IoT and Telemetry offers essential cyber immunity – as Governments across Europe and the US issue a growing number of warnings over Russian cyber-attacks on devices!


With global media, from the BBC News, printed news and social media all containing headlines warning about Russian cyber-attacks and bots, the message should be clear that it could be totally irresponsible to place any dependence on the Internet now or in the future for IoT for any data or service with any degree of commercial or strategic value, from highways to utilities.

It goes without saying, the adage applies, you get what you pay for! The internet and licence free radio used by the clear majority of IoT devices both all fall into this category. The problem grows two-fold when there is 2-way bi-directional communications, as not only can data and network operations be compromised, but also bots, malware, trojans, etc be installed on distributed IoT devices for either ransomware or future DOS, DDOS attacks. For all we know they may already be there, it has happened in the past!

Mission critical Telemetry and IoT due to its total detachment from the internet, operation on exclusive licenced radio spectrum and single way communications, offers the highest level of resilience possible! But to the surprise of many, the price of total package from install to data, is not to dissimilar to that of the push and pray market. Many often forget that the sensors, batteries, waterproof enclosure and the cost of installation dwarf the cost of the communication media making the overall difference insignificant.