CSO Containment valve

Pollution Reduction Scheme Uptake Increases 100% in a Year


BDT & FDTs Take the Lead in Real-Time Incident Mitigation

With pressure on the UK Wastewater Industry growing as a consequence of the PR19 review, demand for Radio Data Networks unique BDT sewer level sensor is growing for their use as part of real-time control and incident mitigation schemes in order to to help reduce DG5 reportable flooding incidents and also to enable connection of new loads to the networks that arise as a consequence of new housing developments.

Already since their introduction in 2010 the  BDT  with its simple on/off interface via relays to existing infrastructure have enabled dozens of locations to be monitored vie existing telemetry and SCADA.

However, now monitoring has turned to control with the data also used to either control pumps and/or to activate containment valves.